Saturday, June 1, 2013

JJ-DIaries 5/31/13

Over the past few weeks I've started working for a new company. I was hired to develop, direct and edit 5 feature films over the course of 6 months. The first feature shoots in July. In the meantime, I've offered to help out with edits on 2 feature projects that they've already shot.

These are my days.

4am -  wake up to check on an export. I'm making an uploadable version of the current cut of a project, for the executive producer to approve. See this project is actually due to the distributor in exactly one week. So it's imperative that I get it locked and off to sound mix ASAP and I need the EP's go ahead.
Problem is somehow in the middle of the night, the power chord on the harddrive got bumped and the export was halted. I have to re render the project, which is a four hour process, re-export (a 2 hour process) and re-upload a 2 hour process. SHIT! I'm trying to make a good impression, as these are my first two projects for this company. Don't want it to go bad before it even starts.

8am - render is done. Start export. go get breakfast.
10am. start encode.  While it's encoding I prep all the OMF exports for the sound mix.... Now I'm anticipating a go ahead on the cut. If I have to make further timing changes, I'll have to do this all again.

1pm. Encode is done. Start upload for EP.  This particular project is a three camera sit-com style shoot and the EP's notes so far have been coverage related. The only real timing notes have involved the laugh track. These things can be adjusted after the picture is locked. So I'm taking a chance and sending the sound off to the sound guy. If I don't, we definitely won't make our delivery date.

130pm. Do a final review of the OMF and video files for the sound mixer.
2pm. Producer assistant picks up the sound files and delivers to the sound mixer.

3pm. Make adjustments to the two EPK's I've cut for the projects. I've received notes from the EP's assistant that need to be addressed. Not too terribly tough.

4pm. EPK adjustments made.  Now re watch the current cut in real time, making personal notes of technical flaws ect....things I can address and change without effecting the timing of the sound.  I also need to start thinking about how to cut the final product down. The EP wants another much shorter version of one of the projects to shop to networks.

6pm - dinner break

7pm - Re watch the 2nd project, again looking for any tech flaws I may have missed.
9pm - watch a movie, go to bed.


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