Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Moments....

Working in movies is tough. No it’s not police officer tough, or soldier tough…hell sometimes not even Starbucks tough. But it’s hard work all the same. Over the past six month, I’ve collectively had fewer days off than a person can count on two hands.  And all this on indie wages. If you’d actually break down the number of hours I put in vs. pay, you’d come up with something like 40 cents an hour.

Then on top of that you’re always at the beckon call of those flipping the bill. You may or may not have creative control, but to some extent the producers own you. And you can forget about stability. No matter how much they may promise a long-term relationship, they can let you go at the drop of a hat. I live in constant fear of the company or companies I may work for going under, or finding someone cheaper, better or a friend that they just like more. I work month to month, project to project... often not sure of where my next gig is coming from.

So why do it?

Because I have to. I have a burning desire (no need) to make movies, to express something, to say something. Something about me or the world around me… Movies are that form of expression for me.  I don’t always get the freedom to fully express myself, but occasionally something does slip through and those little moments make it worth it.

Here’s to the little moments, may they be more plentiful in the future.


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