Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the Meantime...

Over the past two years, I took a sabbatical from horror. I've directed at least six movies since Monsters in the Woods, none of them horror. I'm currently helping out a friend and producing his horror flick. The one thing that has really struck me working on this... The excitement and passion everyone involved feels. There's no one, not one person, cast or crew, that is there for a check. It's super refreshing after the last few projects I've been involved in.  Now, I'm not saying that only horror people are passionate about their films, but in my experience, I've never seen folks more into a project than when it's horror. I need to get back.


I was hanging out with a retired director the other, and he said the hardest time for someone in the movie industry is the downtime between projects. Sometime directors go months or even years between projects, waiting for the phone to ring or developing projects that may or may not go anywhere.

The last project I directed was Pastor Shirley several months ago. And while I’ve been kind of busy editing and developing other scripts for a new company, I’ve not been behind the camera at all. It’s starting to get to me. This has been the longest stretch I’ve had in over two years where I’ve not directed a feature.  There’s been a few close calls and false starts but nothing solid.  It’s getting frustrating.

Today, instead of prepping a shot list or location scouting, I'm watching an edit (for the 100th time) looking for loose sync. Then after that I have to export the project and look again. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bravo FX Indiegogo nears the end.

Robert Michaelaneglo Bravo is at it again. The renowned producer, production designer, ballroom dancer, man-about-town is launching his new SFX company and could use a little help.

This isn’t just some ego trip or money seeking venture. The guy truly loves and excels at the art of special effects make-up and wants to bring it to filmmakers at a reasonable price. How many filmmakers out there want to have great, complex effects in their movies, but can’t afford them? Well, now they can.

Support indie filmmaking. Support Bravo effects.

Your mom would most likely approve. But hey, I don’t know your mom.