Sunday, November 24, 2013


I was posting my first ever blog. Funny, not a lot has changed.

Never really blogged before. I always thought it was a bit dorky. I've made fun of Shannon for it for years. "Why don't you go blog about it dork!" Then I'd smash him in the face with a pie or nearest convenient pastry. It still feels kinda like a dear diary/narcissistic kinda deal. But, hey! That's me in a nutshell and I've been told I need to do it or it's fun or helpful or something. So here it goes.

A very typical day.

8am - wake. no day job today. plan to spend about 10 minutes online, checking email, facebook ect... I just put Trap online for sale last week, so I'm getting a little obsessive about checking it's stats and looking for new press items online for it. That 10 minutes turns into an hour. It amazing how much time one can waste just generally surfing the net. And it's also kinda cool just how many mentions a little movie like Trap can get in a short amount time.

9am- make coffee (gourmet type shit! and oatmeal.) It's my standard breakfast. Followed by a large glass of water.

915am - I write. I'm trying to finish a new screenplay "Monsters in the Woods." It's been a little tough getting through this one. I guess I better finish soon, cuz we're shooting the bulk of it in august. Why such a rush? When an opportunity to shoot presents itself, sometimes you just gotta jump. It doesn't make it any easier having a few other completed scripts I'd rather shoot 1st. But, in the end I think this will be a very fun movie.

Noon - head upstairs to the gym for my daily half an hour run. No weights today. I've also become fairly obsessive about my health and fitness. See a personality pattern emerging?

12:30 prep 6 screeners of Trap to send out to press for review. Burn labels on the dvd's and epks (Love my dvd label burner) and recheck email, facebookect...

1:30 head out to mail the screeners. Make a little snack for lunch. Slice ham on rye. a few chips.

1:45 continue writing. This screenplay is one of toughest I've ever written.

6pm wrap up writing. Recheck email, facebook ect...

7 pm change from my day-wear (shorts and white t shirt) into my evening wear (jeans and same white t shirt. I feel like a princess) and head out to dinner with my very good friend Kimmi. Stuffed and then some from Chevy's (Those Cabo Wabo drinks are awesome, thank you Ted Nugent) Ran into a girl I used to date on the way home (thought we left things on decent terms, kinda, but we barely exchanged glances. In my defense, I did attempt a friendly smile and wave, not returned of course. oh well...)

9pm get home recheck email, facebookect... Hey! Sold a few more copies of Trap. Boss!
Maybe I'll try and write a bit more then go to bed.
Gotta be up at 330am for my day job tomorrow.

Damn, I got bored just writing that. Hopefully, I'll get better at this as I go.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick review. The Walking Dead - "Live Bait"

Finally an episode that shows us what the show could be if it drifted away from the insufferable characters we're forced to follow week after week. Ahh, ok that was a little mean. I actually think the show as been steadily improving this season, but this week's episode is a great example of what the show could be if it were to further shake the shackles of the comics. It makes me really look forward to the eventual spin-off, whatever that may end up being.

Like Shane before him, the governor is much more interesting and nuanced character than Rick and his crew. It's much more fun and interesting to watch these tragically flawed characters find measures of redemption than to watch Rick's constant moralizing. 

The Governor fist bumped, got lucky,  pinky sweared, found himself with a name changed his name and bashed some walkers. His new found connection with the new family is touching and it would be cool to actually follow these characters for more than a few episodes without the rest of series getting in the way. Alas, that's not to be and we'll have to take this for what it is... A pleasant digression from the regular show.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hitchhiker Massacres AFM

AFM has been a really cool experience for the Retrofocus team. Not only has Hitchhiker Massacre been met with much positive reception, but our upcoming slate is making headway as well. Expect to hear a lot more about us over the next year.

Retrofocus Pictures premiered the latest teaser trailer at AFM this week for the upcoming slasher/horror movie Hitchhiker Massacre, which stars John Barrymore and Calista Carradine.

The films full synopsis:

Sally (Ely LaMay) puts the city and her troubled past behind her as she embarks on a cross-country hitchhiking trip. While making her way through Death Valley she’s abducted, and her journey of self-discovery becomes a struggle for survival.

“Hitchhiker Massacre is a love letter to the slasher flicks I loved as a kid; Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Tool Box Massacre, The Slumber Party Massacre. Gone is the self-referential, jokey comedy that infected so much horror, post-SCREAM. I just wanted to make an honest, brutal, sexy horror movie.” – James L. Bills. 

Directed by James L. Bills (Refuge of Last Resort) and produced by J. Horton (Monsters in the Woods, Edges of Darkness,) the film stars Ely LaMayCalista Carradine, John Barrymore, James Bartholet, Veronica LaVery and Katherine Cronyn.

Retrofocus pictures is the brainchild of Executive Producer Ivan Nagy, who created the HBO series The Hitchhiker and directed SKINNER.

Hitchhiker Massacre is set for release spring 2014.
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