Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hitchhiker Massacres AFM

AFM has been a really cool experience for the Retrofocus team. Not only has Hitchhiker Massacre been met with much positive reception, but our upcoming slate is making headway as well. Expect to hear a lot more about us over the next year.

Retrofocus Pictures premiered the latest teaser trailer at AFM this week for the upcoming slasher/horror movie Hitchhiker Massacre, which stars John Barrymore and Calista Carradine.

The films full synopsis:

Sally (Ely LaMay) puts the city and her troubled past behind her as she embarks on a cross-country hitchhiking trip. While making her way through Death Valley she’s abducted, and her journey of self-discovery becomes a struggle for survival.

“Hitchhiker Massacre is a love letter to the slasher flicks I loved as a kid; Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Tool Box Massacre, The Slumber Party Massacre. Gone is the self-referential, jokey comedy that infected so much horror, post-SCREAM. I just wanted to make an honest, brutal, sexy horror movie.” – James L. Bills. 

Directed by James L. Bills (Refuge of Last Resort) and produced by J. Horton (Monsters in the Woods, Edges of Darkness,) the film stars Ely LaMayCalista Carradine, John Barrymore, James Bartholet, Veronica LaVery and Katherine Cronyn.

Retrofocus pictures is the brainchild of Executive Producer Ivan Nagy, who created the HBO series The Hitchhiker and directed SKINNER.

Hitchhiker Massacre is set for release spring 2014.
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