Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick review. The Walking Dead - "Live Bait"

Finally an episode that shows us what the show could be if it drifted away from the insufferable characters we're forced to follow week after week. Ahh, ok that was a little mean. I actually think the show as been steadily improving this season, but this week's episode is a great example of what the show could be if it were to further shake the shackles of the comics. It makes me really look forward to the eventual spin-off, whatever that may end up being.

Like Shane before him, the governor is much more interesting and nuanced character than Rick and his crew. It's much more fun and interesting to watch these tragically flawed characters find measures of redemption than to watch Rick's constant moralizing. 

The Governor fist bumped, got lucky,  pinky sweared, found himself with a name changed his name and bashed some walkers. His new found connection with the new family is touching and it would be cool to actually follow these characters for more than a few episodes without the rest of series getting in the way. Alas, that's not to be and we'll have to take this for what it is... A pleasant digression from the regular show.


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