Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anything You Can Do...

In ten years of directing features, I've yet to have been on a set where at least one person didn't think they could do my job better than me. And, hell, who knows... Maybe they could. Point is, they don't have my job. I do. And they have theirs, and usually both are for good reasons.

I worked my way from college, to assistant editor, to editor, to writer, to director. I paid my dues over the course of the last decade and now direct features on a regular basis. I've fought and scraped my way up to bottom rung of independent cinema and have earned every job I've ever gotten. But there's always at least one, under experienced, over ego'd person in the cast or on the crew that thinks they can do better and are entitled to the opportunity. Hey they've seen a lot of movie. They've shot some really keen shorts and youtube videos. So why do producers hire me rather than them? Because I got the fucking experience and track record to back my shit up. In short, I get it done. My movies get finished, get released and make money.  As long as that continues to be fact, I will continue to find work,  And, I continue to grow as an artist. Not every flick is creative slam dunk. But I learn from my mistakes and I move on to the next. while the haters will just continue to talk about how they can do better.