Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Super-controversial Tarantino Rankings (with little to no explanation)

In order of best to not quite his best (he hasn't made a bad movie)

1. Django Unchained

This was a tough one to place, and I wish I had a better reason, but I was just straight-up entertained beginning to end.

2. Resevior Dogs

I still believe this to be the tightest of his flicks. Plus it really opened my eyes to what independent films could be.

3. Kill Bill

Wild and crazy.

4. Pulp Fiction

Perfect follow-up to Resevior Dogs, first to really give us a glimpse of the director to come.

5. Inglorious Bastards

This one has grown on me with repeat viewings. I would've put it lower a few years back.
6. Hateful 8

I have a feeling this one will rise in the years to come too.

7. Jackie Brown

Most unentertaining to me... A lot of dialog feels like someone else riffing on him. But still a good movie.

8. Death Proof.
The only movie of his I've never revisited. I remember kinda liking it, but that's pretty faint praise for Tarantino.


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