Monday, June 5, 2017

Meet the Bros of The Campus - SFX Artist Robert Bravo

Let me tell you a little bit about Robert M. Bravo. He’s really one the few genuine souls I know. An honest to God, legit nice guy. But, anyone that knows me and him, knows I’ve been spreading that shit for almost a decade.

What I don’t spread enough, is just how great an artist and professional he has become. In the decade that I’ve know him, I’ve watched him grow from a timid (sometimes hapless) young man, to a confident special effects artist capable of pulling off studio level make-up for roughly the cottage cheese budget of a studio film.

Working with him over the years as always been a great pleasure, but watching him really blossom on this last flick was truly something to behold. His skills on set are now at least in the same range as interpersonal skills. I look forward to many more years together on set and off.

Now if he’d only learn to use less words.