Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meet The Chicks of The Campus - Rachel Amanda Bryant

When you’re shooting a lower budgeted flick you need to make sure you’re working with folk that not only have the talent to pull off what you need in a shorter period of time, you also need cool people. Across the board you need a cast and crew that walk the walk and talk the talk.

That brings me to Rachel. Let me start off by taking you through her typical day on THE CAMPUS. Call Time 6pm. Pushed from 530PM, which was pushed from 4pm. Arrives at 530 anyway, just to make sure she’s not needed. Does all her own beauty, hair and make-up, and seeing as she’s the only actress on most days, that saves production a hair and make-up artist. She never complains. And honestly, she did a better job than a lot of pros I’ve worked with. Then she shows up to rehearse the first scene of the day. A scene that starts with her clean and ends with her bathed in blood. I’m talking head to toe covered with sticky, smells after 20 mins, blood.  It also happens to be a cold night. After she’s hit in the face with bucket a blood for the third time, we wrap the scene. Again, no complaints.

Our ace SFX make-up artist rushes in, shuffles her off. Cleans her up, she takes a shower. Dries and does her own hair and make-up again, this time it looks even better than it did in the first scene. Then she ushered off to set to be tortured in a completely different way, spoiler… this one ends up with her once again, outside in the cold and covered in blood and again no complaints. This is just hour two. Things go on like this till the end of the day. No rest. No stunt doubles. No stand ins. Just her, all by her self, carrying the entire movie on her shoulders. Did I mention the movie is 80% a one woman show? Basically a single character, single location siege flick.

So did she carry it? Absolutely. Not only was she super cool, she gave a 100 percent honest performance, layered and nuanced. She took direction well, and always was willing to go that extra take and push herself just a little further.

A wonderful combination of classic beauty, dramatic skill and comedic timing, Rachel is one on the finest actors anyone could ask for…. But not much of dancer



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